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Writer. Madman. Genius.

These are just a few of the words that Samuel Smith has used over his varied career as a freelance writer and story editor for media, online publications, marketing and more.

Samuel was a story producer on CityTV’s Out There with Melissa DiMarco, which earned him a nomination for Best Writing in a Television Series or Special at the 2018 Canadian Comedy Awards. He has written for, The CANADALAND Guide to Canada and Sonar Network scripted podcast Kwantum. Samuel was also Research Intern for The Beaverton and The Beaverton Mocks the Vote on CTV.

With a graduate certificate from Humber College's TV Writing and Producing program, Samuel loves to write horror, sci-fi and comedy. His latest project is Make Me an Offer, a Mafia comedy set in Thunder Bay.

Samuel has a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Recreation from Lakehead University, which he keeps in a special glass box in case of emergencies.

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