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Fenton Kwan revolutionized power with the Kuju, an adorable robot pal that is also a radiant nuclear energy source. But when Kwan and his factories disappeared without warning, humanity was left scrambling to keep the lights on.

KWANTUM, Episode 3: Analytics was written by Samuel Smith


Produced by Kira Hall and Andres Wong for Highly Scientific Productions
Kwantum is created by Andres Wong


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WE BARE BEARS (Spec Script)

When Chloe is unable to attend Space Camp, Panda, Ice Bear and Grizz must band together to save her summer, and then save Chloe herself!

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Click the Cow! 


Photoshopped Header Graphics (corresponding articles the work of other writers; bylines after the link)


Haunted by tragedy, Katherine Gooder must assume the identity of her late husband to investigate the 19th Century coal mine — and the evil lurking within — that claimed his life.

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